Ngorongoro crater a fabled lost world as famously known is one of the protected and world heritage site its location being just 180 kilometers west of Arusha town in the highlands of Tanzania. Its name originated from the Ngoro Ngoro crater which is a large volcanic caldera formed within the area. It is regarded as the ‘eighth wonder of the world due to its amazing backdrop of unfolding hills that make it a beautiful scenery to look around. The main attractions at Ngoro Ngoro crater include the following species of animals jackals, cheetahs, leopards, lion, black rhino, large herds of buffalos at Ngoitokitok swamps lies plenty of hippos which remain submerged during the day and graze on the grass at night. Lake Magadi around the crater turns pastel pink due to thousands of flamingoes that flock in the area making it an amazing scenery to look around. Other birds in the area include soft mud, plovers and black-winged stilts. At the Ngoro Ngoro crater it is believed that mankind lived here millions of years ago. The splendid accommodation around this place is the Ngoro Ngoro sopa lodge which is built on the rim of the undisturbed eastern side of the crater. Its design just reflects the vastness of the African bush with no conventional windows but just a featuring huge walls of glass in both the guest suites and public areas. At the crater you will climb up the steep crater reaching around 7500 feet where you will get lifetime view up there where you will be able to see different ecosystem such as a forest, grasslands, a soda lake and marshes all this combine to enhance the experience of the traveler thus awesome for wildlife lovers sine this place has a lot to offer in species diversity.