Tsavo west is a majestic premier national park its location being 250 kilometers from Nairobi city thus it is a renowned game viewing reserve. Some of the astonishing features at Tsavo that make a must visit for tourists are the cavings at the shetani lava flow caves, game viewing opportunity to see herds of red elephants in proximity, fish watching activity, underwater hippos and cave exploration make it more interesting and adds the experience of every traveler. This park covers approximately 9065 square kilometers making it the largest in the country. It is often referred to land of lava, springs and the man eaters of Tsavo due to the fact that the lions of Tsavo used to attack the builders of the Mombasa – Nairobi railway. At Mzima springs, shetani lava flow elephants, Oryx, gerenuk and bird life species come to quench their thirst here thus good area for game viewing. major attractions in the park include threatened corn crake, threatened Basra reed warbler,lions,leopard,large herds of elephant,cheetah,giraffes,zebras and Oryx. The habitant around the park include open plains, semi desert scrub woodlands rock outcrops and chyulu hills. Another excellent feature that make it a popular tourist destination is the accommodation facilities around the park voyager safari camp, Ngulia safari lodge, lodge finch Hatton’s tented lodge it a luxury accommodation where as its written luxury meets the legend where a British aristocrat travelled to Kenya in 1911 and just fell in love with the spell of African wild thus here they have preserved that warm African hospitality with dedication to elegance and style.