Kidepo valley national park is a 1442 square kilometres in the karamoja region in the northeast Uganda.

It is a remote rugged, semi-arid valleys bordering the Kenyan side and Sudan. The park has most beautiful sites of any Uganda national park. Kidepo national park has two rivers that gives green life to the park narus and kidepo which are seasonal. This park lies in the rugged and semi-arid valley of Uganda being an isolated park in the remote but with the best scenery views the world can ever offer interms of nature. The carnivorous around the park include spotted hyena,lion,leopard,black-backed and side-stripped jackals other species of animals that can be seen during game drives at kidepo include but not limited to oribi,cape buffalo,burchells zebra,elephants,warthog,defassa,jacksons hartebeest eland and the greater and lesser kudu. It also offers good cultural visits to Karamojong homesteads called the manyatas. Another attractive feature is the manyatta cultural visit which will introduce you the way of life of the Karamojong who are cousins to the Masai of Kenya. Some of the bird species in this region include karamoja apalis, ostrich and the kori bustard. The accommodation around this area is the Apoka lodge is one of the finest African hospitality you can imagine where you close your eyes and think of Africa with jagged hills, dotted plains with wildlife with soft glowing light lands you to Apoka lodge with outdoor veranda to see wildlife with their rooms being built with comfort where you sleep and all your worries are gone.