Mikumi National Park it is a memorable park which was established in the year of 1964 with its capacity covering an area of 3230 square kilometres.near Morogoro it is the fourth largest in the country. It is bordered to the south with the selous game reserve forming a unique ecosystem. Mikumi national park has the hippo pool around which is the best visited area as the distant settling sun and the bobbing hippo heads create perfect pictures, also you can spot wallowing buffalos at the mkata flood plains and elephants near the water hole. Game viewing at mikumi national park is an experience like never before since most of the game can be seen within the park which include baboons, zebras, impala and the famous tree climbing lion thus making the safari more enjoyable. Mikumi national park offers great game viewing opportunity due to variety of animals and bird species such as lions, antelope, giraffes, hartebeest, buffaloes, warthogs, hippos, elephants, zebras, impalas, pythons, leopards and the wild dogs. Mikumi national park it is surrounding is being enhanced by hills and mountain which supplements its compelling natural beauty thus being a haven for wildlife photographers. Another fantastic features is the miombo woodland where this bird’s species are likely to be seen violet-crested turaco, violet-backed starling, pale billed hornbill and the lilac breasted roller.