Akagera is a majestic national park which is located in the north east of Rwanda along the border with Tanzania.  The name Akagera is gotten from the beautiful river that flows along the eastern boundary taking its water into Lake Ihema. This park has sprawling lakes, amazing plains and wetlands. This amazing park is less affected by mass tourism thus making it the best to do game drives since beautiful wildlife are the only one that can be sighted in the park as opposed to the rest parks in Rwanda. Some of the activities to undertake here as opposed to game drive is boat ride that can be arranged on Lake Ihema. During the game drives animals likely to be sighted are bush babies, elephants, baboons, spotted hyenas, cape eland, leopards, giraffes, warthogs, sitatunga, genets, monkeys, hippopotamus, bird species such as robin chats, bee eaters, marabou stock black headed gonolek, open billed stock. Truly Akagera national park is beautiful bushy rolling hills that not only will wow the clients visiting this area but will leave them with long term memories of yearning to return back to rejuvenate their experience since it offers a chance to encounter with predators such as leopard, hyena, side-striped jackal and lion.