Why Uganda should be Your Next Destination for a Luxury Safari Experience

Why Uganda should be Your Next Destination for a Luxury Safari Experience

Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is one such luxury destination that attracts tourists and lovers of nature from all around the world. With its resident Mountain Gorillas, the famous river Nile and luscious landscapes on offer, Uganda is perfect for all who seek to cut themselves from civilization and delve into the beauty of nature and the wildlife it represents.

However, for those who feel that perhaps Uganda might not be as luxurious as they want it to be, EA Exotic Safaris is here to put your concerns to rest.

Enjoying a Luxury Safari in Uganda

Perfect for a Luxury Budget

Okay, so Uganda safaris might cost a tiny bit more than your average vacation budget, but don’t think that this would just be your money going down the drain. Uganda offers some of the best parks with the most enchanting views for its tourists. So even if you are paying slightly more, understand that your accommodations will not only be luxurious but also just as satisfying as a 5-star hotel with a gorgeous view to boot!

Adjustable Packages

As with many safari packages available for Eastern African countries; the safari industry in Uganda also provides many adjustable packages where you can call the shots. From the length of the game drive to the vehicles that will be at your disposal, you will be able to take charge and adjust your package so you can experience all that Uganda has to offer.

Delectable Food

Uganda is famous for their bananas, pineapples and avocados so you should expect your menu to be full of food and drinks that will astound and delight you. Usually with Uganda Safari experiences, you get a wonderful meal from the company that is hosting you, but you can also pick your own choice of cuisine at any of the restaurants you choose.

LOTS of Nature

Most commonly, people go to Uganda to experience nature and witness wildlife. This is LOTS of Naturewhy even here at EA Exotic Safaris; we provide multiple packages that offer different deals such as a 3-day visit to the endangered mountain gorillas, a 3-day trek through one of Uganda’s pristine rainforests, and even a 14-day safari journey into the cultural lifestyle of Uganda’s most remote areas. All in all, even if you do choose a luxury safari, you still get your chance to trek through the wilderness and experience nature at its best.

Local Experience

Don’t be surprised if a child suddenly hugs you when you first enter a new friend’s home. Ugandans are known around the world for their hospitality and style. Indeed, the only thing you’ll need is a walk around the village area to experience the warmth with which they welcome tourists. From adults to children, all will greet you kindly and heartily, so be on your best behavior, since you will be in Africa’s friendliest nation for tourists.

Uganda is truly one of the most unique countries on Earth. So if you want to experience all this East African country has to offer, take a chance and book a safari in Uganda with EA Exotic Safaris and give make some new memories.

7 Things You Absolutely Need on Your Tanzania Safari Trip

Tanzania safari beach holidaySo you’ve packed your bags for your Tanzania safari beach holiday and you’re ready to go. With your passport in one hand and your ticket in the other, you quickly make your way to the baggage area, wanting to be the first one to get on that plane and out. But as you make your way to your seat, you can’t help but wonder that maybe you’ve forgotten something.

This wouldn’t happen if you had a list of the things you need for your Tanzania safari trip. And to help you pack lightly, we at EA Exotic Safaris are going to provide you with some nifty Tanzania travel tips so you can have a carefree trip.

Here’s what you need for your Tanzania trip

Before we start, keep in mind that these are necessities that you will need to enjoy your trip. So put away any perceptions that you’ve picked up from the media about the African way of life, and read on to know what you need.

1.     Hand Sanitizers and Toilet Paper

You can never have too much of either. As with any country you go for a tour in, you might need to go to the bathroom during a safari or shopping trip. There are often times when public toilets run out of paper and soap so it’s very handy to have some in your backpack. Also, keep a pack of washcloths handy since some lodges might not have them in the bathrooms.

2.     Zip-off Pants

You may laugh, but if you’re going on a safari during high temperatures, you may want to rip off your pants and turn them into shorts. For a safer and frankly, more fashionable choice, it is better to have ‘zip-off’ pants which you can get from any sports goods store.

3.     Anti-Nausea and Anti-Diarrhea Pills

Even if you’re fairly immune to being sick, Africa will wring that right out of you. If you feel that your stomach ailment might be getting the better of you at some point, you need to have some sort of backup to keep you up and about. But be very careful with the type of medication you take. Ask a doctor for a recommendation so you can get the right pill according to your health.

4.     First Aid Kit

This is for the clumsier folks among us. First aid kits can be very useful in different situations so you don’t necessarily need to wait for an injury to bring the kit out. Fill your first aid kit with all the necessities, and make sure to add electrolyte tabs or powders that can be mixed with bottled water.

5.     Small Bills

Firstly, you will need a fair share of money if you want to have some fun but we don’t recommend that you empty your bank account. Convert some of the amount into small money for tips at lodges and camps so that you won’t run into any trouble finding change.

6.     Flashlights

Although this isn’t the case with any luxury safaris in Kenya, if you’re spending the night outdoors, you may need to bring some flashlights with you in case of emergency. Also, if you’re staying in a hotel, you should expect some dim lighting, so bring along a reading light if you’re more of a night owl.

7.     Will to Understand Different Cultures

You are going to a country which is completely different than what you Will to Understand Different Culturesare used to. Kenya has a long history and a vibrant culture that has been carried on from generations to generations. So remember that you will be experiencing a cacophony of different experiences when you witness their culture. You will be learning a lot, so you will need to be willing to accept their culture and respect it as they have done so themselves.

EA Exotic Safaris offer many different African safari and beach vacations in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. So go ahead and contact us to confirm your holiday, and follow our advice to have the best time of your life on your Tanzanian vacation.

Best Places to Explore on Adventurous Kenya Safari Holidays

East African country Kenya lays a perfect platform for best game viewing, as it has some of the most popular and world-famous wildlife reserves. Travel experts believe that Kenya’s safari destinations are scattered throughout the country, which offers a great way of exploring best destinations on a well planned safari holiday. By getting personalized itinerary from a reputable tour operator or travel company in Kenya- East African Exotic Safaris, you can conveniently visit the best destinations as per your desire.

Let us now discuss about some fascinating destinations to explore on a Kenya safari holiday. This will help you in planning your own adventure as per the requirement and desire.

kenya safari

Amboseli National Park:

Amboseli is also known as the Land of Giants, as here you will come face to face with the African Elephant. You can watch the elephants leisurely grazing on the plains with Mount Kilimanjaro as a unique backdrop. It is believed that Amboseli is the permanent residence of over 900 elephants. Apart from this at Amboseli National Park, you will get to see lions, buffalo, leopards and endangered black rhino. Tranquil atmosphere and low-lying nature of the landscapes make Amboseli a right destination to get unobstructed view of wildlife. Visiting this place will not only offer great game viewing but also provide marvelous photo opportunities. With over 400 species of bird species, Amboseli also rates good as a top bird watching destination in Kenya.

Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve:

This wildlife reserve is the home to an annual nature’s spectacle, the Great Wildebeest Migration, which is termed as one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World”. This most spectacular wildlife event on the planet takes place throughout Masai Mara (Kenya) and Serengeti (Tanzania) ecosystems in which 1.5 million of wildebeest migrate in search of green pastures and water. Apart from this, at Masai Mara Reserve is an ideal spot to discover prides of lions lying under the trees, roaming herds of elephants and spot one or two black rhinos & buffaloes. Amazing nature’s beauty, wonderful wildlife and picturesque landscape of Masai Reserve attracts a huge number of tourists every year.

Lake Nakuru:

One of the most beautiful lakes in Kenya, Lake Nakuru is located in Lake Nakuru National Park and lies in the Rift Valley of Kenya. At this lake, you can witness one of the beautiful bird species-fuchsia pink flamingoes. Widely known as a bird watchers paradise, Lake Nakuru on the floor of the Great Rift Valley is surrounded by wooded and bushy grassland. Here visitors can enjoy wide ecological diversity and varied habitats.

Apart from these destinations, Kenya has some other fascinating destinations like Aberdare, Samburu National Park and Meru National Park, which can be explore with a guided safari tour.

serengeti safari

East African Exotic Safaris offer tailor-made Kenya safari holiday packages that will help in enjoying a safe and exciting journey with family and friends. Our expert safari organizers and travel experts will offer you personalized service that will fit your expectations and preferences. We will plan carefully your Kenya safari tour in a convenient way.

Hurry Up! Book today our budget-friendly Kenya safari package for exploring wonderful destinations filled with diverse flora & fauna in Kenya.

Enjoy Holiday Safaris in a Spectacular Masai Mara Reserve Kenya

Located in Kenya, Masai Mara Reserve is considered to be as most popular safari destination. The reserve has vast endless flat grassland with beautiful rivers flowing, which homes a diverse wildlife and birdlife. This will offer you most spectacular moments of witnessing some amazing wildlife such as lion, hippo, crocs and rhino. The biggest draw card of Masai Mara Reserve is the Wildebeest Migration, which is an annual event that takes place between the ecosystem of Masai Mara Reserve and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. In this reserve you can enjoy exciting holiday safaris that will make your trip a memorable one.

Best Time to Visit Masai Mara Reserve:

Even though all year round visiting Masai Mara Reserve is considered suitable but month of June, July, August and October is the best time. Visiting Masai Mara on this time of the month will help you to witness a spectacular annual event of wildebeest migration.

Getting to Masai Reserve:

To reach Masai Mara Reserve, it will hardly take five to six hours drive from Nairobi and 3-4 hours from the Rift Valley Lakes at Naivasha. Many vacation seekers are attracted towards Masai Reserve to have utmost fun.

Let us discuss about some popular safaris to enjoy at Masai Reserve on your holiday trip to Kenya:

Masai Mara safaris camp

Game Drive in Masai Mara:

You can have utmost fun while enjoying full day game drive at Masai Reserve that will offer great opportunities of watching group of giraffes grazing on the branches of trees, Cape Buffalos and a group of 6-8 elephants. While riding a safari vehicle, when you will be driven deeper into the park then can witness lions and lionesses seating in the shade of tree. For sure with a reliable tour operator, you can enjoy a safe and adventurous game drive in Masai Reserve.

Night Game Drive:

You can explore nocturnal wildlife in night game drive, which cannot be witnessed during daylight hours. In a night game drive, you will get the thrill of watching predators hunting, which will offer exciting memories of your holiday safari trip to Masai Mara. Night game drives are allowed in the conservancies around the National reserve and not in the reserve.

Kenya safari

Walking Safaris:

Exploring Masai Reserve on foot will offer you a different prospective of the a spectacular ecosystem of the Reserve. In a walking safari at the conservancies around the Masai Reserve, you can experience a mesmerizing and natural beauty filled with awesome flora and fauna, which are often overlooked while travelling on a safari vehicle.

Masai Mara Safari tours by East Africa Exotic Safaris will prove to be a cost-effective way of enjoying exceptional safaris at Masai Reserve in Kenya. We will offer assistance of most experienced guides with well planned itinerary to ensure you enjoy a safe and adventurous holiday trip in Masai Mara Reserve. Call today at +254-0720870952 or visit our website to book an economical tour package to Kenya.

Useful Guide for First Time Travelers to Kenya

Kenya is an African country having huge percent of wildlife potentials and never ending wilderness, which proves to be a great platform for enjoying adventure packed game drives. Safari destinations in Kenya are scattered throughout the country and planning itinerary, which depends on your requirement and specification.

Kenya Safari generally comprises of:

  • Breathtaking views of diverse wildlife.
  • Nature walking in best forest conservatories in Kenya.
  • Enjoying adventurous game drives.
  • Tracing wonderful birdlife like pink-hued flamingos.
  • Watching the Big five such as Lions, leopards, African buffalo, elephants, and black rhinos.

This article will prove as a useful guide for first time travelers to Kenya that will help in providing you best information for exploring Kenya’s un-spoilt nature and wildlife.

Wildebeest Migration at Western Kenya:

Starting your Kenya safari from western Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve will prove to be the best, where you can enjoy year-round game viewing. Main attraction of Masai Mara Reserve lies in witnessing a spectacular annual event .i.e. Wildebeest Migration. The peak season to witness this migration event is from July to November where you can find huge herds of zebras and gazelles migrating in search of food and water. To add a spice to your trip; at this reserve you will find plenty of accommodation in form of family friendly lodges.

Best Views of Kilimanjaro at Eastern Kenya:

Amboseli National Park in Eastern Kenya sits right on the border with Tanzania and is famous for its giant African elephants. While travelling across the plains of Amboseli, you can get mesmerizing views of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro. Vast open terrain of Amboseli National Park makes it perfect for enjoying a great game viewing experience. January-February and June-September are considered to be best months to visit this park.

Unique Wildlife at Northern Kenya:

Here you will get a chance of witnessing unusual looking animals like reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich and gerenuk antelope, which are absent from some most visited destinations of Kenya. You can enjoy a classic game viewing at Samburu National Reserve, which is known for its leopard sighting. At Shaba National Reserve, you will get the opportunity of venturing around a lush beautiful scenic reserve, which offers a romantic environment.


Kenya safari holidays package by East African Exotic Safaris will offer you great opportunity in having utmost fun and excitement. Whether you are a first time traveler or frequent visitor to Kenya, we will provide you best exceptional service in making your trip a successful and safe one. Being a well known tour operator, we are proud for providing organized and well planned itineraries for every traveler and visitor looking for a wonderful holiday trip in Kenya.

Understand The Wildlife Safari Tours In Kenya

Kenya- An African Land With Endless Wildlife Potentials

With the never-ending wilderness, incredible wildlife and adventure-packed game drives, Kenya is the most sought after safari destinations for adventure enthusiasts all over the world. I believe that no other African destination can boast such spectacular landscape ranges, exceptional geographical species and features.

Well, Kenya offers an amazing opportunity to the worldwide visitors to explore the uncovered African natural world by the passage of time. The exclusive wildlife and mesmerizing wilderness of Kenya is an abode to the boundless ecosystems, which is nothing but the ground for the natural life, death and regeneration cycles on the planet. This excellent range of natural habitats can provide a lot to explore and handful wild species to encounter face to face!

honeymoon safari

From majestic migratory wildebeest of the wide open savannahs to the abundant bird species, from the tropical rainforest to the depths of the Indian Ocean filled with fish species; all these ingredients make Kenya a world of natural wonders. In simple words, a tour in Kenya means a journey into nature at its purest! Everywhere you visit in Kenya will find a plethora of life..

Important Facts To Know About Kenya

Plan safari holidays in Kenya with the following facts in mind:

  • Get the breathtaking views of the mighty, great, migratory wildebeests, zebras and predators in the unspoilt wilderness of Kenya.
  • Explore The out-of-sight paradise of coastal forests and the ancient Swahili culture.
  • Go for a trekking expedition into the dense forests of the Kenyan National Parks to discover the forest sight; which stays alive with wildlife; especially the tropical rain forests of western Kenya.
  • Adventurous game drives to witness the great array of birdlife and wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Watch out flamingo flocks to the hippo herds at the Rift Vallet lakes in their world of fresh water and shallow alkaline water habitats.
  • Trace the Long-necked Gerenuk (Means ‘Giraffe Neck’) at the Samburu National Park; which is the among the ‘Special Five’ species like (the reticulated giraffe, long necked gerenuk, Somali ostrich, beisa oryx and Grevy’s zebra) and will be never found anywhere else.
  • Where else around the world you will find lions, rhinos, buffalos and more wild living species within the sight of the city skyline; which is Nairobi National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National park

Choosing Kenya Safari Holidays To Explore Its Mesmeric Sights

East African Exotic Safaris, a well-known tour operator in Kenya organizes a specialized travel packages to explore the adventure filled offerings throughout Kenya. Our Kenya safaris are specifically designed to provide unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experiences; that you will cherish throughout your life. Pick safari packages for Kenya safari holidays from East African Exotic Safaris and get a chance to become friendly with the East African nature as well as interact with the local friendly inhabitants.

To know more updates and notifications on tours in Kenya, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+!

Top 4 Sightseeing Attractions To Explore In Kenya

Kenya is a country located in the Eastern part of Africa with plentiful things to explore; that’s the main reason why Kenya stays top in the list of every tourist. It’s situated below Sudan and surrounded by Uganda to the west. The shores of the Indian Ocean are encircled around Kenya in the east and to the south Tanzania is located. As Kenya lies near the equator, you will experience a wide verse of climatic conditions while visiting there.

If you want to visit Kenya and want to know why this mesmeric country is a popular visitor’s paradise, here are the following sightseeing attractions:

Top 4 Popular Attractions To Explore While Touring In Kenya

Incredible Culture

There is around 42 varieties of tribes in Kenya and all these tribes hold their own unique cultures. Therefore, Kenya is a wonderful country with diverse culture. However, each and every region of Kenya has something different culture and heritage; which makes it a fascinating destination with a wide variety of natural wonders. Apart from all this, the Masai people are well-known for their adventurous warrior skills. The Luhya are most popular for their excellent skills in bullfights; whereas the Luo people are known for their amazing fishing skills.

Delicious Kenyan Cuisines

There is a wide array of mouth-watering dishes owing to its diverse culture. You will get here handful staple cuisines; not a single dish can represent Kenya. However, tour in Kenya can be quite synonymous to allow your taste buds to go on an adventurous visit as every region of Kenya has their own different traditional dishes. The well-assortment of traditional Kenyan dishes vary from delicious meat recipes like Nyama Choma, Mshikaki, Kuku Choma, Beef Stew to the rice dishes like Biryani and Pilau. In short, while visiting Kenya you will able to enjoy completely new delicacies.

kenya dish

Spectacular Atmosphere

Besides Rift Valley, Kenya has several scenic attractions that will definitely make your heart flutter. In fact, the long standing mountains and hills are just the stunning spectacles. Aside from the mountains, striking lakes are majestic; which can be the gorgeous sights to mesmerize every nature enthusiast. Lake Nakuru is the most popular lake in Kenya; which is famous for the existence of flamingo. Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake throughout the world offers a unique opportunity for fishing to the worldwide tourists. In short, there is an availability of outstanding places to visit in Kenya.

Phenomenal Wildlife Population

Kenyan wildlife is one of the top most reasons that lets the worldwide tourists keep coming back. With the wide varieties of wildlife population, Kenya is a home to the amazing Big Five. It’s very common to trace the baboons, giraffes and zebras in an ordinary day. Going on a tour in Kenya can reward with the plentiful memorable experiences of your lives. In fact, Masai Mara National Reserve is a renowned destination for the outstanding phenomena, the Great Migration.

kilimanjaro climb

Finding The Reliable Tour Operator To Explore Kenya

East African Exotic Safaris offers customized safari packages to discover the unique attractions of Kenya. Our safari tours in Kenya can allow you to explore the highlights of culture, sightseeing and many more at the best possible prices. If you are looking for an adventurous destination to visit on your next vacation, then choose safari tours in Kenya from East African Exotic Safaris and enjoy witnessing one of the most phenomenal attractions around the world.

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How to Apply for an eVisa to Kenya

Visitors to Kenya have been getting their visas on arrival at the ports of entry to the country. At the beginning of July, the department of immigration introduced eVisa which is applied online and issued within 72 hours from the time a complete application has been made. This has been running concurrently with the visa on arrival. The department of Immigration had announced that the visa on arrival will be terminated at the end of August and eVisa would take over.Nairobi-Kilimanjaro-Masai-Mara-Tour 2015, Claudio 'Picco' Comolli

eVisa was introduced to make it easy for the visitor to have their visas in advance and avoid long queues at the immigration. This is also believed to provide accurate data to the authorities charged with collecting tourist statistics as all the details will be available at the immigration and in soft copy.

As at now, visitors are able to apply for eVisa on the ecitizen website: https://account.ecitizen.go.ke/visitor-registration  and in less than a week’s time, this will be transferred to an independent domain dedicated to just that:  http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html

This will make it easier for visitors to apply for their visas without any confusion as it has been with ecitizen website.

Visitors can now plan their holidays to Kenya more easily and in advance without having to wait on long queues on arrival to get their visa.

For more information about getting a visa or planning a safari to Kenya, contact us at info@eaexoticsafaris.com or visit our website http://www.eaexoticsafaris.com

Incredible Adventurous Game Drive In Masai Mara

Kenya: – An Exploratory Land With Plentiful Offerings

Well, Kenya is a country in African Continent; where the word ‘Wildlife Safari’ was born! Being the well-known destination for game drive, Kenya has a wide expansion of spectacular landscapes, including the Savannah ecosystem accommodating a wide array of wildlife. It’s a world famous land with glorious sunsets and vibrant cultures, especially the extreme level of hospitality of the Masai tribes. However, you will find here the most popular wildlife species like lions, cheetahs, leopards, African buffalo, Thomson’s gazelle, zebra, Klipspringer antelope and even the exclusive bird species such as vultures, eagles, buzzards, swifts and many more.

Nevertheless, you will opt for a hot air balloon safari or Masai Mara holiday safari; you will get spectacular photographic opportunities and an extraordinarily perceptive. Among all its offerings, an adventurous game drive in Masai Mara will make your holiday for sure!

Customized Masai Mara Game Drive To Explore The Unique Splendor And Iconic Sights

In fact Masai Mara holiday safaris holds a fun-filled game drive; which can offer you lots of excitement and delights all year round. There is even no specific time of the year; when you won’t find any wildlife in this world famous game reserve. However, if you are extremely fascinated by the 8th Wonder of the World, the Wildebeest Migration, then the best time to go on Masai Mara safari tours will be between late July and October. The best time to trace the wild species will be either at dawn or dusk.

7 days big five safari

East African Exotic Safaris offers tailor made Masai Mara safaris including the game drives to explore the ferocious wild animals in the African Land. There are so many things that you can expect from us:

Masai Mara Game Drive: – What You Can Expect

  • Well maintained 4×4 vehicles with outfitted open hatches
  • Enormous game viewing and photographic opportunities
  • Highly skillful and knowledgeable drivers and tour guides
  • Cost effective and custom made Masai Mara safari tour itineraries
  • Understand better about the African flora and fauna

What Variety of Wildlife You Will See During Your Kenya Safaris

There is nothing; which can prepare you for the first time you will meet the wildlife in the African land. Masai Mara safaris with East African Exotic Safaris can assure you witness lions, elephants, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffe, impala, wildebeest, baboons, zebra, buffalo, leopards, hippos and crocodiles in the River Mara. If you will go on Masai Mara holiday safaris between July and October, you will find the wildebeests and zebras in higher numbers and you will even witness hunting of lions, cheetahs and leopards.

One interesting fact about these African wild species is that they have their own hiding spaces; so it will be better for you to know where to look for in order to avoid the missing animals. For instance, a leopard will be up a tree most of the times; while the crocodiles will be hiding under the water of the Mara River. As most animals are too dangerous; so always look for the signs to know whether you are getting close to the animals! Worry not about anything as our professional guides will take you through every step to enhance on your experience.

Are you getting excited? If yes, then come and visit Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and return back home with unforgettable memories of your lives! For more updates and notifications regarding Masai Mara safaris, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Adventure Filled Masai Mara Safari Tours for Unforgettable Experiences

Looking for an ultimate safari destination? If you want to get something extravagent, then a Masai Mara safari is hard to beat. In fcat, it’s a home to the greatest wildlife concentration throughout the world and even the most spectacular wildebeest migration.

Incredible Sights in Masai Mara

Witnessing the Kenyan, Masai Mara landscape from an enthusiast’s prospective is stunning, colorful as well as fascinating. Seeing the majestic wildebeest migration in Masai Mara safari tours may probably one of the most miraculous experience that you have ever experienced throughout your life. During the months of July and August, around 1.5 million wildebeest embark upon a majestic 1,600 kilometer journey to reach the fertile lands of Masai Mara National Reserve.

The Breathtaking Location

Masai Mara National Reserve is considered as one of the best sightseeing safari destinations. If you have missed out Masai Mara safari during your tour in Kenya, then you should plan out to do so. How about choosing an outstanding Masai Mara holiday safaris with East African Exotic Safaris and unwinding yourself from daily hustle and bustle!

Why You Should Visit Masai Mara Now?

Every year, over 1.5 million wildebeests accompanied by the wide herds of zebra and other wild animal species start a 2,800 kilometer migratory journey from the Northern Circuit of Tanzania to the greenish savanna grasslands of Masai Mara. Being well-known as the Great Migration, the movement tops in the month of August as the animals reach Kenya and cross the Mara river by stampeding down its banks across the crocodile infested water of the river. However, the migration has been taking place in Western Kenya including Tanzania. Even, timing is essential; while planning for a migration tour.

4 days Masai Mara flying packageWhat Else You Can Get To See?

Apart from wildebeests, Masai Mara National Reserve is an abode to the greatest wildlife selection including the highest conecentration of Big 5 (Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant and Leopard). You can able to witness through the adventure filled game drives, bush walks, camping safaris, balloon safaris and many more with East African Exotic Safaris.

How to Witness All The Sightseeing Highlights in Masai Mara National Reserve

If you want to see all these attractions of Masai Mara safari, then choose the exquisite 4 days Masai Mara flying package from East Africa Exotic Safaris and enjoy staying in the luxury tented camps to listen the vibrant roars of the wild animals and get the amazing views of the animals closer to your eyes!

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