Tarangire national park derives its name from Tarangire River which crosses at its center.

It covers an area of 2850 square kilometers thus making it the sixth largest national park in Tanzania. It can be accessed from Arusha town just 114 kilometers. This park offers wonderful panoramas of wide grassland dotted with open acacia woodland studded with large baobab trees making it a beautiful scenery around the park. The park is popularly known as the park of tree climbing pythons and large herds of elephants which dust themselves with the red soil around the area. The migratory animals that come for refuge in the park include gazelles, elephants, wildebeest, buffalo and the eland. Around the park is Seronera valley that offers an abundant grazing ground for giraffes, reedbucks, warthogs thus attracting the resident large pride of lions and leopards. Large Nile crocodiles can be seen near the saline lake Ndutu which attracts throngs of flamingoes. At Tarangire national park you will be met tree snoozing lions and more than 500 bird species of birds and its towering termite mounds which will elevate the experience of any traveler of this amazing little insects. The accommodation in the Tarangire region is the Tarangire sopa lodge which is tucked away in a verdant valley with an amazing views of Tarangire’s trademark baobab- studded landscapes with a marvelous pool to relax yourself after an exciting game drive in the park.