Queen Elizabeth national park it is a unique park with variety of flora and fauna that make this park very unique from the rest thus being loved by many tourist visiting this area its location is in the western side of Uganda covering the distance of 400 kilometers from Kampala town. The park is not only beautiful scenery but it adds the experience of a tourist from many bird species to the chimpanzee trekking. The vegetation around the queen Elizabeth national park include swamp vegetation, acacia woodland, forest grassland and bushy grassland. The attractions in the park include ishasha sector famous for tree climbing lions that are hanging tight on braches of colossal fig trees. Mweya peninsula located at the heart of queen Elizabeth national park offers an amazing kazinga channel at the merging with lake Edward here the activities include boat rides. Other species of animals in the park include chimpanzees in kyambura region, elephant, Uganda kob, topi, giant forest hog, lion, leopard, papyrus, shoebill stork, white winged warbler, African skimmer and pink-backed pelicans. Sprawling savanna, shady, humid forests, sparkling lakes and fertile wetlands make it ideal habitat for classic game drives. The kazinga channel which is about 40 meters long joins two lakes gorge and Edward which has the perfect views of wildlife. The lakes at their shores attracts magnitude of birds and mammals thus making even game viewing easier. The accommodations around the park include jacana safari lodge which is tucked away into the thick forest between rolling hills and tranquil crater with facilities such as sauna, swimming pool, a floating pontoon where visitors can have a meal just in the middle of the lake all this makes the safari more enjoyable.