Serengeti national park covers 14750 square kilometers making it the largest park and best world visited park due to the abundance of game and predators that can be seen in the park. The name Serengeti comes from a Maasai word which means endless plain thus making the most scenery of African safari more enjoying to see those unending plains with vast open savannahs dotted with acacia trees and rocky hillocks. This park is premier national park that offers an ultimate African safari experience not forgetting the annual million wildebeest and about 200000 zebra migrate from the northern hills to south this circle is repeated in April when long rains begin in the north. The Serengeti is divided into three parts the Serengeti plains which is a treeless grassland common breeding zone for the zebra, wildebeest, impala, topi, and water buck, the western corridor which plays a host to Nile crocodiles, martial eagles, hippopotamus and the patas monkeys. Serengeti national park in the northern part is dominantly being vested with hills that range from seronera in the south and Mara river to the Kenyan side common for the big five and large herds of elephants, dik-dik and giraffes. Serengeti is stunningly beautiful place world famous national park with more than three million large mammals with different kinds of animals and birds such as Cape buffalo, lions, spotted hyena, cheetahs, hunting dogs and herds of elephants thus making this a popular game viewing destination in the world.