Tsavo east national park is the largest national park made up of two separate parks. Located in the coast province of Kenya in between Nairobi city and Mombasa. Tsavo is nearly 22000 square kilometers being one of the largest in the world. It is regarded as the theatre of the wild. The park is famous for the large herds of elephants that are spraying each other with red dust thus the name red elephants of Tsavo. The park has breathtaking lugards falls, mudanda rocks which attract large number of elephants during the dry season and Aruba dam. Tsavo national park holds a drier and flatter landscape despite the largest rivers in Kenya flowing in the middle, high concentration of game is around the Galana river where crocodiles,hippos,kudu,waterbucks and dik-dik can been spotted also. It has the longest lava flow in the world making it the most adventurous safari experience than before where large mammals can be seen also including lion, leopard, and pods of hippo, crocodiles, gerenuk, hirola and waterbucks. Another incredible features at Tsavo east national park is the breathtaking lugards falls, mudanda rocks that attracts large herds of elephants during the dry season. At Tsavo east a warm reception of African hospitality awaits you at Satao camp tucked in the savannah grasslands of Tsavo east nested amongst the trees, it has a water – hole where animals come to quench their thirst thus offering good game viewing opportunity.