It is the only park in the world within the proximity of a capital city and is Kenya’s wildlife shop window. It park covers an area of 117 square kilometers. The park is unique as nowhere in the world exists a wildlife park with such a variety of animals and birds species so close to the capital city. The diverse flora of the park makes it possible for many different types of wildlife species to co-exist.

The Nairobi National Park is a leading sanctuary to the Black Rhinos unique to Kenya. While most animals live in the park seasonally and migrate according to the time of the year, the rhinos stay in the park all the year round. Other animals in the park include the herds of zebra, wildebeest and eland that enter the park during their migration in July-August to enjoy its rich grass.

Lately, a cheetah has successfully raised 7 cubs in the park – an event that visitors to the park have observed and enjoyed. The park also shelters animals like the buffalo, lion, leopard, crocodile, and hippo. For visitors, there is a Nature trail and an education center at the main gate, and about six picnic sites. Interestingly, the park contains a historic Ivory Burning Site. This was the site where President Daniel Arap Moi burnt 10 tons of ivory to make a bold statement in eliminating the poaching of elephants for the tusks.